New beginnings are oft unchartered grounds , the thoughts of doing right ,

Self-awareness is by far the most dangerous drug on the planet .

As it were , we are all born in a systematic world , where the masses are on a see ,hear and react cycle .

Modern times offset a number of conditions that tend to clench the traditional and bring a neoliberalism perspective.

In retrospect when do you truly become aware of your environment,

Well the answer is simple at the darkest moment, but there’s a catch most people truly discover who they are and what they want to do at this stage (rockbottom ) while for some at this stage they break bad .

Breaking Bad Saga

There comes a time In everyones life when you are required to make that one tough decision to be or to do

That completely redefines your whole life .

Sounds a little bit , futuristic but the reasoning is simple .

How to come out of the rabbit whole and onto the progressive train .

Picture a room, we are all aware that a room requires cleaning on a daily basis , your mind is like a room, to clearly embrace

Awareness you require consistent reevaluation and change of thought ,

It goes without saying that this is not achieved immediately but the progressive train is a continuous process, one with days of fall.

As it is with a storm it is imperative to then be presented by a period of calm to recollect and rejuvenate.

An Introduction to The self Awareness Saga.

More to come .


There he stands on a hill,

With sight of all existence ,

A deep sigh ,

A cocktail to calm the nerves.

There he sat ,

With regrets of the future ,

He lived in a discontinued world .

A cocktail to rapture sense .

There he lain .

Pretending to be safe ,

Closing his eyes to the emptiness .

Opening his doors to doubt .

A cocktail of uncertainty,

There he rose ,

A figure to be reckoned with ,

An enigma of the degenerative hearts,

A cocktail of wayward.

There he lies ,

Morbid of the life .

A fallacy sold to his soul ,

A cocktail for freedom.

There he is ,

His eyes shut .

See no evil do no evil ,

A cocktail for ignorance.

There he is ,

A euphemism of the latter ,

the puppeteer now a puppet.

A cocktail of life .

My Detriment

Disclaimer: The series is of dark nature, it is an embodiment of highly pure insanity, it is an enigma of the lost soul ….

I thought about death .

I danced with death ,

Seduced her by the wits of my charm ,

I shared a table with death ,

I kissed death .

I suffice to the emptiness .

Like a master Smith I sharpened my blade ,

Forged in the deepest pits of hell ,

With fires of a thousand dammed souls ,

I approached my own self,

Put out my weary soul out of its misery.

Gave my spirit an ultimatum,

A deal with the devil ,

To broker my own end,

I choose evil be my shield ,

My chalice,

My lifelong master ,

I gave the demons control…

I turned to life .

Full of joy and excitement ,

Disgusted by the positive energy ,

I set myself to the edge ,

Insanity gripped my senses ,

Madness my only clarity ,

I was initiated into the school of creationism .

Pure evil to truly speew a masterpiece,

An abomination.

BlackWarlock…..a lost soul production.

Culture Crunch 3:MAN-Down

Disclaimer :Radical content, will definitely offend you, No APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE. ENJOY!

Yet again the sequel, back like i never left, with classy theatrics and barbaric ideal.

Its me master conspiracist,grand visière of the underground with a chunk of waterworks for you today. We talk about the end of an era… A géopolitique of trades… Yeah psych I’m screwing around.

Well we who are radicalist of the masculinity bandwagon which is supposed to be natural in all males, but some fail to truly identify with it are back. Announcing my grand entry.

Shooting Shots.

Or in better terms making a move, honestly in our day to day lives we seek companionship we translate that to Mating again for lack of better words

So the whole foundation of shooting shots or making a move is more like a bid in an auction…

Jane Doe going once, going twice! Jane Doe going Thrice! Sold to the man in the red suit… Ha ha ha!

Well y’all made a bid but wasn’t high enough

As it is in an auction you don’t bid for all items you have already set in mind what you want a specific item on auction hence you wouldn’t be interested in any other time unless otherwise it fits your taste and needs.

Dear reader if you reading this you are smart enough to decode the above cryptic text (yes i am calling it that)

As it is with auctions the amount of money does matter and you never shy from making your bid

Hey crazy blogger what are you trying to say get to the fucking point.

Goddammit are you blind or something figure it out or leave a question on the comment box.

The Johnny effect.

Growing up we were nearly hooked to the cartoon Network character Johnny Bravo, great hair ☑ amazing physique ☑. Then why couldn’t he get a ‘sexy mama ‘ personally felt for Johnny, never understood it until i finally saw what made Johnny or rather the origin story

Johnny did all this because he got he’s heart broken and wanted to look good so as to attract women. Sensible right yes, logical not so much.

What is the Johnny effect? follow through I’ll tell you

Man Down

Hold my cup

Have you ever been rejected?!

Have you ever been in a situation where your were told no!

Well if you’ve never kindly contact me I’ll give you the no!

Wait what did y’all think i was talking about.

Ponies and pixy dust.

Topic for today is Rejection

We’ve all had our fair share of it innit?

I remember my first rejection vividly dammit she had zero chills

I had chased her for months, bought her flowers with my allowance back un the day that was 200 bob per week so thats half of it.

I even memorized a song so i could sing to her. I’d finally found a girl i really wanted, she was a princess, she was soft and kind i say i was charmed by her being.

So i finally gathered courage and told myself enough of the maybe maybe nots. So i came to her with my juvenile charisma and a bar of chocolate as a buffer, i sat down next to her delighted finally today i seal the deal i told myself.

She said yes!

To the chocolate and No to my sorry ass

Laughable it is i ended up hating her never talked to her again i almost cried, i had never felt this feeling before.

Oi! Enough entertainment..

So let’s break it down man. Men accept rejection the man down state is a very good stage as a matter of fact when rejected you are naturally compelled to have deep evaluation. Now how do you process rejection?

Get a pen and paper write this down. Brother man to man there are 7 billion people on the freaking planet in our country we have more females to males. So what if she said no accept it and move on. Refer to the auction analogy.

Women will reject you in the worst way I’ll mention the most common

one Lets Just Be friends.. Never ever reduce yourself to such bullocks!

A woman will tell you this only to keep you around only to maintain the same attention you gave her during the hunting season.

Another golden rule never wait for her to like you, many of us fell into the Disneyland fantasy of waiting for a woman to feel the same ok my Nice guy (nice =ignorant), very noble of you

Well as many have worked hard to please women to make them love them say Ayee!. We all have once upon a time and maybe you are now

Well I’ll tell you why you are still pleasing women so as to get their affection because you’ve forgotten your value your purpose, you’ve put woman ahead of you a big no! no!

Well today is your lucky day I’ll tell what you can, focus on yourself on your value or as i call it Networth, focus on your purpose, don’t get me wrong approach women and when rejected don’t cry big man approach on the bus you see a beautiful lady say hi! introduce yourself fullstop. Normalize it . As a man in your life you’ll be rejected so many time at your workplace, maybe your family but remember that yourself worth and self esteem are solely tied to your purpose. A man who knows his home will never lose his path.

Avoid clinging to your woman,

Now to finish up on the Johnny effect you don’t improve to get laid rather to improve your own life, because women come and go but you’ll remain constant so don’t fuck up.

Ladies reading this blog remember you are also going to be rejected a couple of times instead of wondering why he said no, get a book read on Gardening.. Its all about the networth. Wallowing over missed opportunities is a fools trade

Side Note : just hit me why the fuck are men telling women everything. WE’LL TALK ABOUT IT

Just so you know i write to hurt feelings.

Till Next Time. HAPPY HUNTING!!

Brighten My Day

Day 1

à happy day
The sun shines with a spark of gleeful splendor.
The sky clear no signs of change,
The voices spreading guidelines,
Things are brightening,

Day 10

I’m smiling the dark clouds are approaching,
My hope high as a mountain,
On the couch complaining
Things need to brighten,

Day 13

tired if the binge watching
The thought of my bed torturing,
So I turn to my garden to gain some calming
Things will brighten.

DAY 21

my eyes defiant, it’s a closed day
I rise to give fitness way
My appetite assaults my self control, what can I say
Sure things will brighten

DAY 25

I break my sight
Trapped in a cocoon of my own self panic
I resorted to doubt, the frustration nagging
So I turn to my addiction, the cycle of self destruction
Things will not brighten.

DAY 30

Trapped I self disgust
Fleeing from myself, a purge
Raged by the hole that I fell into, but hey.
Things are becoming brighter.

DAY 35

release from my chains
I trap myself in creative learning
I swear by positivity
I’ve trapped myself in growing the seeds of hope.
Now I see brighter days ahead.

Culture Crunch 2: We-Men

Disclaimer : Content below is of radical nature, be careful it might burn.

Looking into a mirror what do you see, a cliche of sorts

But think about it can you really tell who you are, what you are and what you stand for.

Well in recent times there has been a controversial topic in the social media corridors, there seems to spark a wave of conundrum.

With what seems to be a Ocult like revolution setting a blaze in the tongues of many a like.

Some call it Toxic, some will term it as modern day chauvinistic ideals, some will banish it and rubbish the basis, regardless it is a topic that cannot be averted.

Masculinity. Yes yes we are having this talk today so hold your horses.

“Ancient ” Masculinity vs Modern Masculinity.

In the times before civilization and the perks of modern day education and freedom, masculinity would be defined by how brute a man was his skills, his bravado of sorts, his wealth, his abilities to solve and create.

In retrospect the male was a force of leadership and vision a defender and an agent of virtue.

Many an argument revolve around how men were vs how men are now, now

Despite the variations in some of the cultural practices in our communities across the world.

The foundation and ideals of masculinity are seen to be of great similarity than the common folk would accept.

Ok ok yes we are out of the boring history class let’s just get a hang of how men are vs how men were,

Men 4 decades ago were industrious lean frame and innovative, Men now are obesse, dull and lack innovation.

Men then were visionary and charismatic, well i need not mention how our modern day men are

I’ll stop there the list goes on and on

“But Hey blogger their are men who have this qualities what about them” , well I’ll tell you for certain their truly exist but not with same bravado as before!


Typically feminization.

By far the greatest crime of the 21st century.

Think of extinction level event, where in the face of adversity only the few heroes(masculine men ) carry the fate of the world.

What is feminization?

feminization is the shift in gender roles and sex roles in a society, group, or organization towards a focus upon the feminine.

Simply men to wo-men

Basically we are breeding men to become feminine, making a bull a heifer hoping to milk from it and still expect it to mate with a heifer and give forth rise to a new generation.

Come-on that’s fucking impossible, but well the smartest creatures on earth are doing it. Quite laughable innit?!

There is a conditioning in the new societal order that has made men a form of pleasurable creatures only good for giving their souls in exchange for a penny, men have been made to connect with their feminine self a fallacy created to fondle the masculine ball to distabilize its role and hold on the societal bearing.

This is one crazy blogger some may think, a conspiracy theorist. But if you subscribe to finding and discovering the truth… Well welcome to the masterclass I’m your guide

Men have become more “women preferences” in action than independent in mind, folks i don’t know about you but I’d tell you that’s a recipe for disaster

This is just but a synopsis to a deep rot rooted in the constructs of our our society. A world that seeks equalism a fallacy i should say for it is of fantasy, and an attempt to play God.

Biggest challenge we men will face is being our own men while still maintaining the masculine frame!!

It’s a tight rope but very much a possible transition….

Being a boy to being a man we have no one to tell us what to do we shape our mindset as we dim right.

Embracing masculinity is a very difficult place to be especially in a society where women are first priority, but hey you are a man you do whatever you want and that’s what makes being one great.

Lets have the icing now what it means to be plugged to masculinity

Stoic in nature, bold in thought, a doer, a leader and a rational thinker.

With time i will indulge you in more detailed breakdown. The orchestra had set the stage for the symphony it’s your choice to stay and listen or take a leave.

Oh snap! Mobius, blue pill red pill crap I’ve heard this before,

Well not really you have long believed what you wanted to believe that means you know no truth so choose red or blue pill.

Masculinity is not a force of hate masculinity is a force of nature it shall not be stopped it will grow

The journey begins.

HiHegemonic Masculinity

There are an infinite number of ways to be a man which exist within a hierarchy of manhood. The most dominant form of manhood is called “hegemonic masculinity” which is characterized by several key tenants: 1.) distance oneself from femininity; 2.) restrict emotions


Hope you sanitizing and keeping well during this global pandemic.

Salutations from ThEBlackWarlock.

I’ve been doing a study from social media habits, social habits in this society trying to understand what really drives a society, what draws the red line.

Finally I hit gold. It’s big people it’s a big reveal.

Here it goes……. CULTURE,

the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.

When I was a youngin seating with my grandparents I learned a lot about my traditions and how am supposed to behave as a young man. They made both my cousins and I feel proud to be part of the family, we were distinguished by general mannerisms and actions.

From my realization now I see things differently in this society we have a crisis that is threatening to completely impair and impel the foundation our society

In this first segment I’d like to go onto shade light on African Culture


Alienated, mocked, diminished, segregated, spat on, dismantled.

Little trip down memory lane when the colonial government landed in Africa they found governments, monarchy, religion and education. Already established, so sadly due to our friendly nature we invited them to our homes and they finally found a way to control us.

They cultivated beliefs that made our  clothing, our education and religion  obsolete, and we all know how the mind is fascinated by new and fresh ideas so we like poultry to the slaughter house believed they wanted the best for us and then and there. Socialism was born a philosophy, the backbone of African economic structure and that’s why Africa is the rich but a poverty striken continent, away from the ancient climate let’s turn the attention to present times.

From my study of African culture I discovered that Africans have always upheld Morality and decency. But unfortunately the so called modern society has been enslaved by the “MODERN TIMES” Mantra and freedom ideological facade which at an in depth approach will prove to be something more of a fallacy.

Modern Times Fallacy

We have been fed, garbage from the western world we compare ourselves to them yet we aren’t. we are better and unique in our own way,

Sadly the pandemic has opened a Pandora Box, women exposing nudity on social media, men (simps)thirsting on women to the rate of paying money to be in exclusive fan accounts, sex has become a commodity to be shared amongst the masses, our bodies have lost divinity, we sell dignity for a few likes, we want people to like us, give us attention, we want the masses to fill our inadequacies, we justify indecency as art and craft, we make perversion, perfection.

How do we bring the African culture back? It’s always been here, we just don’t pay attention, listen African culture  gives a very clear portrait of who à woman is, à hard working, respectable member of the society, women hold such a critical role in this society and as part of our culture they deserve protection, respect and support but also women have a role to foster a culture that is worth the respect they deserve. Women respect yourselves the attention isn’t worth your value, you are an African queen.

Men reinvent yourself, control self, identify with the true African culture embrace it dig deep absorb it, own your manhood technology is ment to help you grow not destroying your value, I’ll dig deeper into the man in  the African culture.

This is but a rant more content on the Culture Crunch. On the next blog next week.

I am lost, my name is lost
I seek belonging, but am lost
The smell of freedom
The definition of direction
A dream I yarn

I had a dream but I woke up lost
How do I find what I lost
A world desolate
The definition of values
A dream I yarn

They point at me with endless laughter
The world turned its back on me
I was a rat in the streets
The definition of home
A dream I yarn

They sung my name
Before the tempo hit the high notes
I an irrelevant tune
The definition of relevance
A dream I yarn

I was blinded by the lights
At dusk I lost my way
From the sky emerged darkness
The definition of sight
A dream I yearn.

Culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in detail.


THE Truth…

First blog of 2020 damn Last year was a tough one we got that mental drain!

Anyway the warlock has gone intergalactic!

Bringing the content in a diverse way

The soup

It does not come as a surprise for humans to been submerged in a cloud of emotions, like a blanket a form of addictive or more of a call,

What is life, who is life

Why do we have to wake up every single morning, why should we treasure our loved ones,

Why do we have love or hate

Why do we have pain why do we have suffering

Who draws the line, who makes the rule

So many questions run in the mind of a troubled but Meek mind of the youth the old and the middle aged, the young maybe.

Essential it seems like we give ourselves purpose to progress seems the essence of life or death evokes from deep within our psychy,

The validity of the statement maybe a matter of great debate, but I see to stand with my comprehensive knowledge on the matter.

The cycle of life has such a wide spectrum of things,

What makes you human is more than just your genome its more than your appearance its your character,

What would we say essentially make you who you are?

Your decisions for from your decisions your persona can be derived, I Mean how else did Albert derive his equations from physical and factual discovery, how else did Darwin derive “Survival for the fitess” its through this we derive The Truth

The truth is You are better than everyone else!

The truth is what matters most is what you think about yourself!

The truth is the truth, greatness starts with you

Disclaimer :The above words are part of a mind that sets itself apart from the norms of the society,

Join the movement!

Be great take!

Be woke!

Warlock ♤.


Its been a minute , blogging is bloody gruesome at times .

but the warlock is back ready to swing my wand .

fallacies are quite argumentative for there are different versions of the same story , enough of it yes?

lets do this the old fashioned.

What we know vs what we think!

Sometimes reality seems to be a facade , like every one has a different version of every occurrence ,

which begs the question is reality really real ,

brain teaser : you always have a backroom where perception is given a deeper interpretation ,addiction is a world your create from the false impression

now to the main course.

The slippery slope

“a certain action leds to another action which trails to greater consequences “what it is .

is this true yes ?or no ?

how relevant is this blog ,

well it’s just giving you a guide towards decision making .

And decisions, well ,sometimes shape who you are 😜 perception .

whenever you decide to make a change or improvement to your life , you need to be ready to dance the piper .

The friends and ideological interest you indulge yourself in end up having a resultant consequence .

its quite ambiguous my statement but this is just an introduction to a greater enigma

but hey the epiphany is soon at the dorks . soo arrrrr!

me mateees follow thy through the high tides.

The synopsis

probing into a glowing void

instinctively like a blind droid

fixed by the mysterious Polaroid

we are always looking for solution rock solid

open to a odd broil

and as certain as the pigment of the origin soil

we submerge in a pool of oil

what’s next is mind numbing



Almost 65 days since I last got my thumbs flexing,

So now as always I was very skeptical about this post it took me some time and meditation but finally I got it ,

Well ama talk about the Deja vu syndrome,

See our brain has this habit of connecting scenarios ,

We always tend to make some decisions based on the experiences we’ve had, and well with what we hear.

Independence doesn’t really exist cause the rationale that is the mechanism you use to live your life are rigged with land mines,

What are land mines?

Land mines are the patterns you are always looking for rating , instances I choose to eat at a certain restaurant because I’ve heard a good review about it or it’s been recommended to me later on I realize I didn’t really like it.

What am I leading to?

Well you might never agree but each and everyday we are the biggest hurdle to our own personal happiness.

Do you have instances where you just feel sad for no reason?,

Or just want to stay in bed cause it’s like nothing is really happening in your life¿ or maybe it’s just your relation with your family and friends always feeling there’s a gap a void that you never get your figure wrapped around¿.

Well true its inevitable but well sometimes its much deeper than you can imagine,

Introspectivly, we relate our life based on phases of our lives like we never try to outgrow the trauma.

We are always stuck in the past!

Learn from reptiles more so snakes after shedding skin it comes out brand new,Make every stage of life a skin after the shedding you come out greater and better.

Start viewing your happiness as the first priority, I personally believe prioritizing others happiness is being selfish.

How will you learn to love others while you don’t love yourself enough,It’s like donating money to charity yet your account has insufficient funds,You’ll look like a good guy at first but end up as a fraud.


So this is a tip of how to rewire your own mind from Deja vu syndrome to a happy healthy mind…

Healthy mind =Better Health

Have a 21 days plan of rewiring{neuroplasticity} if you are have feelings of emptiness, emotional breakdowns or self doubt.

Take 21 days of self strength and motivate yourself….

Only 3 things you are grateful for that’s it. You are a great you are awesome, you will achieve everything you put your mind.

I call this the great deceit, why well life is cunning and unforseen but what if you could play a trick on life and instead of frustration give life satisfaction,Think about isn’t everything in our head like we can manipulate everything with our mind cause we have the power.

©The blackwarlock™️