Almost 65 days since I last got my thumbs flexing,

So now as always I was very skeptical about this post it took me some time and meditation but finally I got it ,

Well ama talk about the Deja vu syndrome,

See our brain has this habit of connecting scenarios ,

We always tend to make some decisions based on the experiences we’ve had, and well with what we hear.

Independence doesn’t really exist cause the rationale that is the mechanism you use to live your life are rigged with land mines,

What are land mines?

Land mines are the patterns you are always looking for rating , instances I choose to eat at a certain restaurant because I’ve heard a good review about it or it’s been recommended to me later on I realize I didn’t really like it.

What am I leading to?

Well you might never agree but each and everyday we are the biggest hurdle to our own personal happiness.

Do you have instances where you just feel sad for no reason?,

Or just want to stay in bed cause it’s like nothing is really happening in your life¿ or maybe it’s just your relation with your family and friends always feeling there’s a gap a void that you never get your figure wrapped around¿.

Well true its inevitable but well sometimes its much deeper than you can imagine,

Introspectivly, we relate our life based on phases of our lives like we never try to outgrow the trauma.

We are always stuck in the past!

Learn from reptiles more so snakes after shedding skin it comes out brand new,Make every stage of life a skin after the shedding you come out greater and better.

Start viewing your happiness as the first priority, I personally believe prioritizing others happiness is being selfish.

How will you learn to love others while you don’t love yourself enough,It’s like donating money to charity yet your account has insufficient funds,You’ll look like a good guy at first but end up as a fraud.


So this is a tip of how to rewire your own mind from Deja vu syndrome to a happy healthy mind…

Healthy mind =Better Health

Have a 21 days plan of rewiring{neuroplasticity} if you are have feelings of emptiness, emotional breakdowns or self doubt.

Take 21 days of self strength and motivate yourself….

Only 3 things you are grateful for that’s it. You are a great you are awesome, you will achieve everything you put your mind.

I call this the great deceit, why well life is cunning and unforseen but what if you could play a trick on life and instead of frustration give life satisfaction,Think about isn’t everything in our head like we can manipulate everything with our mind cause we have the power.

©The blackwarlock™️


Keep it or cut it :The Religion Quest

…… Decisions like doors, each day that we dare to breath we are bound to make decisions, “decisions either make us or break us ”

Is that really true well I leave that as food for thought

On a daily we battle with so many thoughts sometimes we get so logged into our thoughts and get locked out of the real world as thoughts are good in moderate amounts but when we sink deeper then we get lost in them,

Anyway glad to make your acquaintance I go by the name Theblackwarlock,… I have a question for you, what is religion?

Yes I know it’s a subject of ambiguity but hey have you ever stopped to think what really is religion? and do you really need religion?

And if you’ve been following my recent blogs am basically focusing on mental health issues and well awareness.. Right

So how does religion fit in this jigsaw puzzle?

Well you better get on your belts buckled, it’s gonna be a bumpy yet illuminating expedition as we plough deep into waters that we oft prefer subjecting to the world of lost memory.

What is religion?

Religion well is not people nor is it a group its majorly individual, its a strong belief that is brought about by belief in a Supreme being, culture, norms and a wider spectrum of how things should be conducted and how they should work,

Very contentious definition which would be up for debate for sure but, why well, we have various religions and in all if not most religious set ups when one starts the journey they begin as individuals and affirm their vows to certain beliefs and sort of Norms set up,

Therefore for a long time we have seen religion in an entirely twisted way that its ment for lost and sad souls and that it cuts down on what one should be doing,

Humans are social beings I always quote and we require something to believe in,

With out realizing it all of us belong to a religion, most common among the youth is the Vice religion,

You will disagree but I beg to agree with you and disagree

So two people

Belive in being free spirited and traveling and share almost similar philosophies in life and and embroiled in activities together by choice, that is a religion

A religion is not a sect that has existed for centuries its how you conduct your life and how you make decisions considerations that you put in place,


A study was taken in 19 countries on the planet and the studies show that people who are actively involved in there religion are happier a very significant percentage from the study gave a picture of the non active /parlty active/ active and why do we consider the level of happiness we’ll because we’ll as we know it mental health issues have their root source I’m sadness and constant chattering of the mind that leads to depression,

So this basically made me think is there an ideal Religion, should everyone subscribe to a certain way of life?

Well I’ll leave you to be the judge of that

Ps: being an atheists is also a religion

Characteristics of an ideal religion

*support group, at some point we feel lost in our beliefs and require guidance like GPS in life does your religion offers such do you strongly have a belief that everything is gonna be OK despite of the fact that you clearly don’t have a vision of what is to come this well works well with the church set up for example,

*nourishment do you strongly Belive that your religion provides a replenishment of thoughts do you see hope the.. Yeepy you are subscribed to the right location

*Lastly can you strongly stand before people and back all your principles and doctrines that is your religion and let’s not loose track of what religion is it is your way of life are you proud of it if yes then bingo!

CUT it

I honestly believe that one shouldn’t be forced to see the world through the eyes of others but their own for we interpret the same differently

Sometimes do you feel like a pawn in a bigger game, I know I do its like am a puppet and a puppeteer is just moving me as they please

Sounds strange yes but hey it is what it is

Chances that you are subscribed to the wrong religion

*The impacts it’s so simple if you are actively intertwined in a religion and you still feel a burden on you the. Chances are you are basically in dooms town

It’s not much but I’d ask you to think keenly about it

I for one would advise you to re evaluate who you are so some analysis

Turning point

Personally am a Christian and let it not be Saud that I am pushing for mass evangelical action but, in my own life I believe in a higher power and I believe in a grand plan and that we are passengers set to cross paths and this sets us on the highway to crossover to the universal life and this is possible with sharing and spreading love, no one is perfect especially when. Subscribing to any religious group we all learn for perfection is for the Deity, I say this in regard to My Muslim brother and sisters also considering all the religions on the planet

Quil of the wild

I set my speech

A frail squabble

To the masses to be enabled

Rewrote the history of a world of faded souls

Only to loose me at ends point

Indulge in a sorcery greater than my existence

Dug a pit deeper than my thoughts shallower than my mind

Blurry to my visions

Wilder Than my demons

And with the raging seasons

My tranquility is in the swash of the waves

For my affirmed believes

Begged to flee my sanity and conjured madess…

Depression kills, reach out for the clock ticks…..



e1cea37963a1f9589ca0a8c5cef7a1c4.jpgWhenever we think we always create moments in our minds scenarios where things turn out how we see best happy ever after sevvy?

But life is know to be a lady of strange tides, always wonder why does she have such an un lady like way….

I write this blog am challenged I’ve always wanted to fight for mental health for its a big challenge in our society,

Day In day out people fall into depression, leading to so many possibilities, mental health is definitely going to be worse than cancer or the plague for those from jurassic time

Now! now!


Humans are social beings and we are meant to correlate, this well equals to friendships and what not well , the human being is quite a connected being for one every action has implications on your well being,

Back to mental health,, no 1. Cure and prevention for mental illness……… Drum 🥁 roll 🍥 good friends….complete bullocks, strangely enough it is what it is,

Why, Friends also play a significant role in promoting your overall health. Adults with strong social support have a reduced risk of many significant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index (BMI). Studies have even found that older adults with a rich social life are likely to live longer than their peers with fewer connections,

Hold up I know what you are thinking that the people who double tap on your photos or constantly inbox you are friends but well not quite for it takes more than just knowing someone to actually call them a friend  the worst mistake we make and I’ve made was thinking having many friends  assures you immunity and strength well little did I know that out of the 100 you call friends the most insignificant might actually be the only person who actually care about your hind so keep it or cut it, if a person :

  • Increase your sense of belonging and purpose
  • Boost your happiness and reduce your stress
  • Improve your self-confidence and self-worth
  • Help you cope with traumas, such as serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one

Encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise

Keep it that’s the right person to have around you,

Show me your friends they say and I’ll show you your character,

CUT IT 8f38e3ef2d60d1c03f946f7aa148e082


  • A person who will only be present when you are happy and once the tarven hits ground they flee
  • A good friend would never make you less of a person
  • Parasites the worst kind only around when convenient complete idiots
  • Liars a good friend will always try being truthful someone who cannot be honest with you Is not worth a single second….

Having a big circle is a recipe for disaster, the remedy is not in quantity its quality that matter,

Have a spine a shoulder, a hand that can hold you when you sink

A friendship is an everlasting bridge and we all know maintaining one is important, requires effort for bridges at times can fall and create rifts among people.

Toxic circle of friends will cause you heart aches and send you to the grave sooner or Than later ,

The Pixy dust 

In the cold of the sun

And the heat of the blizzard

When the green withered

And my spirit weakened

The falling light darkened

My alley sort to be distrusted

At my destruction, gazed

In awe they chanted

Of much spiral devoured by my own illusion

Unsure of my state of perception

Felt unpure starved of perfection

My breath in state of resonance

For spike was I Abundance

I leave the, world full of woe

For the seemingly bright glow was a mirage

I seek the light,




I am who I am part 5

3cee753ecc23bc5aab99d53f16a53aa0The courage trail

I saw the last, the flashing light blinded my existence

I be excused for my persistent attempts of self discovery

I set out on a journey  , in chase of a world unseen to none but I

My Insanity detailed in my chronicles,

Adaptive as follicles, my being feigned by the merry of what seems,

Never let the latter dictate present,

Tried change in linen to fit in ,

I gave loud silent screams that only I could hear,

Like a demon tormented by my oIwn conviction,

I sought out to the haunting business

Only to destroy my innerself

My disability to recognize I am who I am

The courage,

We all know am a sucker for psychology and well till recent a fighter for mental health care and just watch out because something big is coming so now this being the Last of the I  am who I am series I’ll talk about Alot ….

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a chronic, multi-symptomatic, and debilitating psychiatric condition that affects, according to studies, beween two and six out of every 100 individuals. This condition is more prevalent than schizophrenia, bipolar illness, and autism combined. These individuals suffer from intense mood swings including depression and anxiety. They have difficulty relating to people, both in employment and in their family and intimate relations. They do not trust other people, and in relating to others often lose control of their emotions and exhibit emotional outbursts of anger and disagreement. Individuals with this disorder , such disorders are caused by constant manipulation of our true identity and falling into a vacuum of self thought that kills your spirit and eventually rock meets bottom

And well all of this is around us I mean why do we have opinions about other people well because humans are created to be creatures of criticism so yes you are forgiven

On this post I focus on the big question do you really know who you are? do you have the courage to accept who you really are?

Philosophy talks of the model of theater which in nutshell simply explains that we are all giving an act and the real self is shy to express due to well the issues of acceptance, but wait if you don’t accept yourself who will?

How many people do you think commit suicide on an average?

Image result for how many people commit suicide a day
Image result for how many people commit suicide a day
Image result for how many people commit suicide a day
Image result for how many people commit suicide a day
Image result for how many people commit suicide a day
This makes suicide the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. Approximately 0.5-1.4% of people die by suicide, roughly 12 per 100,000 individuals per year. Three quarters of suicides globally occur in the low and middle income countries.
Why? You may ask ,
And I will ask why not, how do you expect one be cautious about self worth when you keep on trampling on what and who they are ,I’ll leave you to think deeper about this
I know some may feel why tell us about such yet I am not affected, well cause you might end up catalysing such a tragedy,
The basity of my argument is does it or does it not matter to care about others , food for thought
Back to the main picture, it’s high time we eliminate the model of leaving life as an act and start believing that the natural self is likable and can be far much greater than what anyone thinks  , acceptance is the key
If a dictionary has its own definition why can’t you also have a clear definition of yourself,
Only you makes you great
Only you matters more
And only you can be the best you
Without withholding your true nature, bloom for in the medow that is your world you are the only flower,
new series coming through, exciting inspirational, leave a comment, ask away, don’t live astray

I am who I am 4

When the onset, is the end of an Era,

When the strongest, fall

A turmoil, arises from the dark

Suffocate my being ,

Aren’t I entitled to merry

Aren’t I supposed to get, what I deserve

I ought not be socked in the tears of the past

I socked and sobbed in a pool of my own depression

I rose and like a Phoenix the ashes weren’t the set back but the grand entrance….

…. I didn’t know how to begin so I’ll go straight to the point and as it is a norm with my work I want you to picture a world of comfort where everything you want you get, where your fantasys come true this is a little exaggeration but hey try think of it,

Is it love you look for well you have it

Is it wealth, kaboom!

Is it happiness you have it

Hope you don’t get lost…. Follow through

Then all that disappears in a flash 📸

Like it never was so on this segment am share something that only I actually discovered my own personal experience,

When all is lost

Well I lost someone and somethings that were dear to me a couple of weeks ago, not just one but two, a father and and an aunt I literally stopped thinking asked myself a million and one questions and never answered any of them I became frustrated by the predicament I was in on one side am the son and am expected to be leading in the process of healing but am also crushed… Shuttered… Sometimes you tend to wonder how the world would end the rush the adrenaline maybe…. I think I tasted an ounce of that.

The type of relations we have with the people who we value the most sometimes am glad I had those seat downs where road would meet rubber and we’d have a neat chat,

Well with some seasoning of rage and well exchange of word,

But I feel like every single, argument made me wiser every single harse moment was a lesson I understood more with the years

I’d say I know some understand what am writing while to some is complete intoxicating grammar and pure nonsense, but at times take sometime and meditate upon what life has given You and if you are religious as I thank your God,

For its not by chance things happen and they don’t happen for a reason but for a destination path… Situations set you on a path a path that if embraced leads you to a better self or destroys and decapitates you

……. I’d sign of saying I am i who I am 4 wasn’t something I gave much thought into but something that I had to release….. We all deserve happiness and is sparks from. Within and never let anything or anyone make you feel that you deserve anything short of that…… @thescorpio

Watch out for part two of part 4🕴️

I am who I am part III

Dreaming of being a superhero ‘

While you can’t save your own life

Every single syllable makes me weaker

Selling a piece of my mind to the verse

My rhythms spell depression and my slumber an escape of the compelling obvious

Tell me a lie and I’ll show you a soul of falsehood

Share a cup with me and I’ll show you dishonesty

Take a leap with me and I’ll show you prosperity

It’s like a night core the middle of the night when all open to the dark inky darkness that swallows my reality

Trial leads to failure

My persona tired of what they meditate upon I a creature full of new breeding .

Defined by the selfish impairment of the wise….

The charisma uplifted a notch high

The fear of knowing the oblivious now foreign

Negating the expectations of the folly

To new destinations ..

Now having a new year is something most people would appreciate like well everyone has this expectations about the new year

Well I won’t say much for the last 365 took Alot of the breath I had so let’s just say the first three hours of the year taught a great lesson,

Letting go sometimes in life we keep holding back and the problem is you never really grow if you hold back I say if a decision scares you go for it for from it you’ll learn Alot more than you would being a chicken

It’s something I had meditating about Alot as, I prefer making mistakes for what. Is life without a foul or two so this is me saying make mistakes if you are a lover of the bottle do what you want and as famous rapper Meek mill said “freedom is when no one can tell you what they want you to be”

Claim your freedom for your mistakes are not who you are and thr position they leave you in is not where you are supposed to be.

To more blog post to a successful year ahead to growing wiser and to brighter 364 days to 2020